Blackout Lure Company

Blackout Lure Company

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with fishing lures. The colors, shapes, themes and variations, all caught my eye more than any fish. Eventually I grew out of my overfilled tackle box phase and settled on a handful of favorites, like the often overlooked inline spinner. I started to love its versatility, multi-species appeal, and ability to cover water as aggressively fast, or as leisurely slow, as I wanted.

• • • 

Lately, my obsession has focused on a disruptive idea in the brightly colored and flashy artificial lure world—a spinner that's completely black. Dark lures have been noted for their natural contrast against water and sky, but I wanted more out of this concept. I wanted very specific blade profiles, component shapes, and finishes. I wanted the product design and brand to be infused with a distinctive personality, a little mischief, and a sly wink. I wanted to integrate technology in new ways to enhance the fishing experience. That obsession is now my latest brand launch, the Blackout Lure Company, and it's unique collection of inline spinners.


While many of my personal and professional projects are driven by collaboration, I’ve also spent a lot of time functioning as a "one man brand" advertising department for startup companies, luxury retail stores, music and band projects, and more. This requires every idea, every word, every pixel, in every medium, to be conceived and created entirely solo. Blackout Lure Company is a fun and rewarding extension of that with all product inventions and brand concepts also being 100% my own. I love it and so does that obsessed little kid still inside of me. Below is a sample of the vision to launch this new company.


Disruptive Meets Innovative

Supporting the launch of the Blackout Lure Company is a vision for a connected community of fans and exclusive mobile tools, never seen before, to enhance the fishing experience. With the BlackTrack Mobile App, your catch data is captured and analyzed to make sure your next outing is always better than the last.

Mobile App Mock Up.jpg

If you run into me, ask about the latest BlackHole lure concept! The obsession continues…